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Residential Boundary Surveys | Professional Land Surveys

Boundary surveys for residential properties are extremely important and essential for a number of reasons. These surveys are detailed measurements and mappings of the boundaries. A land survey identifies features such as fences, walls, and property lines that define a property.

Avoid Boundary Disputes

Surveys are typically conducted by licensed surveyors and are an essential part of the home buying and selling process. Boundary disputes between neighbors can be avoided. In order to avoid disputes over property lines, homeowners should clearly mark the boundary between their property and their neighbor’s. Keeping good relations between neighbors and preventing costly legal disputes is possible through this method.

A residential boundary survey can help homeowners avoid building structures or improving their properties that encroach on their neighbors’ properties. A lack of an accurate survey can make it difficult for homeowners to determine where their property lines are, so they may build on land that does not belong to them. Legal disputes can arise and the situation may require costly legal fees to be resolved.

Property Value and Taxes

Property owners can find out how much their home is worth by conducting a residential boundary survey. It is important for homeowners to accurately measure and map the boundaries of their property so that they do not overpay property taxes.

The process of buying and selling a home begins with a boundary survey. By determining a property’s value, you can prevent boundary disputes, build structures that do not encroach on neighboring land, and prevent encroachment on neighboring land. Purchasing or making improvements to your home requires a boundary survey conducted by a licensed surveyor. Review our website for more information and contact us today.

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