What We Do

As a registered surveying firm and experienced professionals, we focus on projects from beginning to completion assuring on time delivery, complying with standards and regulations. CORE Action Group offers our customer in Florida east coast a wide range of surveying services that include:

Border Survey ICON
Residential Boundary Survey

Detailed and accurate to identify the exact areas.

Commercial Survey

Complete surveys that show both basic and important material information.

Construction ICON
Construction Survey

Stake out reference points to guide construction of new structures, roads, and buildings.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys

  Maps of land showing improvements, utilities, for insurance of a property.

Engineering ICON
Title Survey & Boundary Surveys

Determine the boundary lines of a plot of land to ensure future legal protection.

As-Built Survey

Show improvements to land at particular points in time.

Elevation Certificate

verify property elevation for accurate flood risk assessments.

Topographic Survey

Identifying and mapping the physical features of land being surveyed.

Tree Survey

Information about the trees on property to makes informed decisions.

Pipeline Layout

Accurate and detailed pipeline layouts.

Hydrographic Survey

Measure features affecting maritime navigation, marine construction, dredging, offshore drilling and other related activities.